Fujifilm Pro 400H

Medium-Speed Negative Film for a Softer Look in Bright Sunlight

Fujifilm Pro 400H is a medium-speed, general-purpose film with an interesting strength: in harsh sunlight, the film takes on a slightly softer and more cyan tint that gives a superbly pleasing calm to what would normally be a contrast nightmare. Skin tones appear softer and perhaps a hair less saturated with Pro 400H, but colors still remain vivid despite its unique profile. While Pro 400H performs well in a variety of environments, it still does not, however, exhibit the extreme exposure latitude in the shadows that gives Kodak Portra 400 its lead on flexibility. Still, Pro 400H is largely appreciated for its ability control highlights, which further allows the film to tolerate high-contrast environments. Fujifilm Pro 400H is available in both 35mm and 120 formats.