Film Objektiv is currently in Beta. As we grow and find the best ways to serve you, we'll update our policies, lower our pricing, combine more features and benefits into the same packages, and relentlessly streamline the entire process. The following is our list of recent changes followed by features we are working to implement in the near future. Because we're building a community with you and not just for you, we're sharing everything about our ongoing operations below.



Update 1

Deposits are no longer required for camera rentals under $55, and these rentals are also now even cheaper. We are still working on reducing the price and deposit amount for more expensive gear while we also work on securing insurance options for our renters in lieu of deposits. 

Update 2

Film Objektiv will retain its beta status for some time. Until we get a good idea of how to best serve our customers and implement some features we view as key to the long-term success of the Film Objektiv project, we will remain in beta. This is simply to signify that we are continually working on streamlining the process. While you may notice a few bumps or inefficiencies along the way, your rentals are still secure and will continue to be handled professionally.Both Canon AE-1 kits and the Contax G2 kit are officially our first donated pieces (generously donated by an awesome photographer, friend, and colleague). These will be available for rental shortly.

Update 3

We now offer high-quality, custom scans and prints!



Agenda 1

First on the agenda is finding a way to include an option for insurance so deposits for each item are not necessary. We'd also love to accept outside insurance for those that already have policies that cover rental gear. This is a huge priority and will be addressed in the coming months.

Agenda 2

Shipping costs can be reduced by increasing volume. As we approach various milestones, we will reduce shipping costs accordingly. Eventually, we hope to include return shipping labels at a very attractive rate inclusive to the overall rental price.

Agenda 3

We're always looking to work with great partners that can help us while we help them. We are continually working with companies and individuals that help us inject more film shooting experiences into everyone's lives.