Film Objektiv is currently supported by my own personal collection of film cameras. While it's not my entire collection, more cameras will be added in time as the concept is refined and as the system has proven it can work.

Of course, we are always trying to grow our offering and are open to any kinds of donations of working film cameras you might want to make. While we will use our small pot of community funds to purchase new gear, we could always use more cameras. After all, more cameras mean more shooters.

If you would like to donate your camera, we will gladly pay for shipping so the donation is of no cost to you. If you would like to donate your time or services, please check out our Work for Us page to see what we're currently looking for or feel free to send an email with your suggestions of how you could help to

Finally, below is a Donate button should you want to financially support Film Objektiv directly.


Specific Requests

We're open to all kinds of generous donations, but there are some things that we really do need. While we get started, our stock is low. This is intentional to ensure we can prove the model will work and to allow for ample growth opportunities. Moreover, I can't handle shipping the dozens and dozens of cameras I hope to one day have dedicated to the program. But eventually, we want every camera to be part of a kit and to ship with a lens or two. Currently, we simply don't have enough spare lenses to go around. If you have a wide-angle, normal, or telephoto prime lens you would like to donate so it can be added to a particular body-only offering, please get in touch.

Additionally, the current collection's bias makes it obvious this gear comes from a Nikon shooter. Canon's underrepresentation in this group would be great to solve so that, at least until we get more lenses to add in kits, we can at least have more bodies that current Canon shooters might be able to pair with their own lenses. If you have any Canon film gear to donate, we would be thrilled to help Canon shooters use a film body with their own Canon EF and EF-S lenses.