Welcome to our second Film Objektiv giveaway! We're about to hit the big 10K on Instagram, and to celebrate, we're giving away any one-month camera rental open to anyone in the U.S. There are a few ground rules, but we're keeping it pretty simple.

To enter, be sure to follow us. Also, comment on any post until we hit 10K, by tagging and telling two friends anything about film or photography — what you love about it, what you find challenging, something about your favorite gear...anything! Be sure to like the post, too.

The day after we hit 10K, we will announce the winner in our next post. The winner will receive a single one-month camera rental. To see the cameras available for rental, simply take a look at our RENT page. And if you choose a 35mm camera and shoot enough, we even have great deals on 35mm scanning, now, too; but we'll forward an additional 15-percent discount on film scanning for the winner!

There's only one problem with this. One winner is a little boring. So, two additional winners will receive a one-time 30-percent discount on any service or camera rental they choose. The same rules of entry and details on the prize (below) apply.

Here's just a little fine print in plain English:

The renter is still responsible for the well-being, care, and safe return of any borrowed equipment in the same condition as received. Some cameras require refundable deposits. If a desired rental requires a deposit, that deposit must still be placed in order to rent that camera. Renters/Giveaway winners are also responsible for return shipping, as with all rentals. The winner of this giveaway will receive any one (1) camera for two (2) consecutive two-week periods. Shipping times fall within this period, so depending on camera and renter location, the actual time of rental may be less, as with all of our rentals. A scan or photograph of a government-issued I.D. and credit card may be required before the rental begins. The first $50 of any deposit is only returned upon the completion of a 100 Words assignment, where the winner will be required to submit at least five (5) images (no limit) and 100 words about their experience with the camera for our 100 Words blog. The rental must be completed within four months of the announcement and notification of the winner, or the rental giveaway will be forfeited. Once notified of winning, please work with us quickly to reserve your desired camera soon so the camera you want will be available for the month you wish to have it.