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We're happy to offer personalized starter classes for your camera in Los Angeles and Chicago whether you rent with us or not. To learn more, head over to our Learn page.

We created Film Objektiv because we love film. We also had a few extra cameras lying around, and I thought this would be an awesome way to give back.

We have some bias for Fstoppers, but long before we began writing there, it had always been an invaluable tool in our own photographic path. As one of the first websites that aimed specifically to provide valuable, well-produced behind-the-scenes content that covered actual techniques professional photographers were using, it's no wonder Fstoppers grew to what it is today. The domino effect it had on the industry pried its previously tight lips open, paving the way for other fantastic sites with a teaching focus such as CreativeLive and SLRLounge.

Aside from gaining knowledge from paid tutorials, which can be extremely valuable, there is a plethora of information that exists completely free of charge if you look in the right places. This section will be updated with additional resources in the future, but for now, start with Google.