We admit that pricing is complicated. Between the limitations placed on us by the checkout/store options at our disposal and various aspects that make this program so unique, it gets confusing.

Regardless, extreme effort has been made to ensure weird things about the Film Objektiv process (such as the fact that shipping times currently cut into rental times) are accounted for within the current pricing model. We charge as little as we think we can to stay alive (to cover website costs, repairs, credit card fees, and, lastly, to grow just a teeny bit so we can offer you more in the future). If we see a way to bring costs down, we will do so immediately.

Some may wonder how we might effect other rental companies in the industry. We see no way in which we might at all be in competition with awesome rental companies such as,, or even your local camera shop. This is for two reasons.

First, we are currently operating at an incredibly small scale as we begin to prove this concept. We realize this might cause other supply- and demand-related issues, but we're confident that starting small and growing slowly is the best way to ensure Film Objektiv's long-term survival.

Second — and most importantly — most of the cameras we offer are not even offered by many of these companies. In fact, our catalog is incredibly hard to find as rental equipment — period. For these reasons, we see ourselves not only as a non-threat to rental houses, but as friends. We complement each other very well, where long-term rentals of some of our gear might lead others to "step up" to the next thing through an established national or local rental company. Regardless, we're here to help more people shoot film — end of story.