Print orders


The Fine Print

While all of this is already on the Prints page in one way or another, here, our print order policies are clearly laid out in one place.



  1. "Prints," as with the rest of the Film Objektiv site, is still very much in beta. It should even, perhaps, be in "alpha" (less then beta). This means there might be slight delays in order fulfillment. But most of the time, everything should go fairly smoothly.
  2. There are no refunds. Now, if you have a really terrible story, we might work with you if we haven't started our print order yet, but if that page is in the printer, we have to charge for it. And if you have a terrible story for anything, we might work with you to help out anyway, because we're all humans, here.
  3. Refunds for advance orders are also non-refundable because we run on a very small order quantity. This means we have to plan our inventory based on orders that you make. Until we move out of beta, we cannot afford to cancel orders that we have planned to fulfill.
  4. If you're unsure about the color output of your files, feel free to order our 4x6 package with nine separate prints as a proofing method. The profiles, papers, and printers are all the same, so you can be sure that larger formats will look identical to their smaller counterparts. But again, we cannot refund any delivered prints for undesired results. We print, inspect, and ship every order by hand so we can ensure we don't send out prints with major errors.
  5. Prints are hand cut and might therefore vary in size by one or two millimeters, but never where one could notice if they were next to each other on a wall, nor to a point where it would be an issue for framing.

File Delivery

  1. Please email all print files to with your order number in the subject line.
  2. Your email should include the files themselves or a link to the files you would like printed. Please clearly label all folders according to the size of print that you ordered and place the appropriate files within this folder.
  3. We accept virtually any file type, including JPEG, TIFF, and DNG files. While you may send raw files from almost any camera manufacturer, we highly recommend sending only edited photos saved in industry-standard formats. It is up to you to include color profile information and/or to save the file in the appropriate color space (Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB recommended) for printing.
  4. For photos with borders, please be sure to add white space to your file. We print all orders to the largest dimensions possible within the selected print size frame (a 1 x 6 panoramic image will print 1" x 6" wide on a 4x6 order).
  5. While it helps for your own purposes to know the maximum DPI for your prints, saving them with one DPI or another will not matter for the final print. On the other hand, you want to make sure you simply have enough pixels in your image for a sharp print. A 19"-long print ideally prints from a file at least 5,700 pixels long (19 x 300 DPI), although a similar print may look acceptable from certain distances with as little as 3,000 pixels.


  1. Our papers are very carefully selected based on two considerations: cost and quality. While we greatly support any effort to turn your images into physical prints, we do have a minimum quality threshold. We could print on cheaper papers, but it's easy to get cheap, low-quality prints from a number of economy-priced shops. The ones selected offered the best balance of cost with the delivery of truly is a fine art print that will last for generations.
    1. Red River is a great paper company that is an extremely popular "off-brand" option for those looking to get away from over-priced and good-but-not-great printer-manufacturer offerings. Red River offers a high-end product at a fair price. Their Aurora Art Natural was chosen because it offers a fantastic, tactile, fine-art finish that will be truly archival thanks to the absence of optical brightening agents (OBAs).
    2. Canson is the go-to brand name if quality is your only concern, and it's priced accordingly. We took great care in the consideration of price for this option, but at the end of the day, we're talking about a several-dollar difference per order. That difference adds up over multiple orders, but our main cost is packaging and shipping -- not the print itself. This is why we have discounts for multiple orders. Ordering a print of this quality anywhere else would cost at least two or three times our price. We think the price difference is well worth ensuring we can provide the finest quality prints the world has to offer. And to this extent, we have two of Canson's finest finishes available to order.
  2. In addition to our three standard paper options, we can offer any paper for custom orders over $200 in value. To get any paper you want, simply email us for a quote with the quantity and types of prints you would like. We'll also custom-quote shipping to your particular destination. Once placed, these orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Proofs for custom orders are also available with an order commitment and can be quoted upon request along with the order.


  1. Standard, ground shipping is included in the pricing for all print orders. For expedited shipping, please email us your requests for custom quotes on such orders. We can expedite both shipping and printing for any order, and in many cases can do so for less than the expedited shipping cost shown during checkout, which is set up for camera rental shipping.
  2. For multiple print items ordered at the same time, please see our Discounts page for codes to reduce the overall cost.
  3. If your package (envelope or mailing tube) is damaged during transit, please do not accept the package without first inspecting it to make sure your print order is not damaged. If it is damaged, please refuse to accept the package and contact us immediately.