UV Spray

UV Spray


The finest Hahnemühle UV-protective spray coat keeps your prints looking like new throughout the years. Two light coats of this protectant will prevent color fading and yellowing of the paper while reducing the likelihood of fingerprints and other contaminants from interacting with the chemistry of the paper.

While a UV spray coat is recommended for anyone looking for the ultimate protection for their prints, it is particularly recommended for any prints that will ultimately hang in any kind of bright light.

One order of UV Spray includes materials and labor for any single item on the "Prints" page (i.e. all nine 4x6 prints or the entire 13x19 print). Please add one UV Spray for each individual item in your print order. For example, an order for nine 4x6 prints and two 13x19 prints would require three UV Spray orders. Non-UV Spray orders should be placed separately.

Protect Prints

Please place orders for UV-coated prints separately from those without coating requested.