Five-Roll 35mm Process and Scan Package

Five-Roll 35mm Process and Scan Package

from 20.00


  • Process and scan 5 rolls of 35mm film

  • Professional Noritsu scanner

  • Approx. 6,000 x 4,000 pixels for 35mm

  • No extra charge for panoramic

  • Download images via online link

  • Return shipping included in U.S.

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Developing is included with any scan package. Our scans are done with professional Noritsu scanners and are always done at the highest resolution output possible. This means every one of our scans comes out at approximately 6,000 x 4,000 pixels. Panoramic images take advantage of the same scanning resolution with a minimum height of approximately 4,000 pixels.

View sample scans here.

Add-On Rolls

For additional rolls, select however many add-on rolls you need for your order, or step up to the next package. All rolls within the same order can be different types, but must use the same level of service (Standard or Pro, Rushed or Not Rushed). You may use add-on pricing to mix and match film types within an order as long as there at least five of that type of film in the order (i.e., for 10 rolls of C-41 and 5 rolls of B&W film in a single order, you may choose the 10-roll C-41 package and then add on 5 individual rolls from the 10-roll B&W add-on item from the drop-down in order to get the 10-roll minimum pricing on the 5 rolls of B&W).

Scan Types



  • ~24 MP TIFF digital file delivery

  • Digital ICE applied by default unless B&W

  • Return shipping included for negatives

  • Direct scans, no adjustments

  • Standard-Priority Scanning

  • Download link live for 72 hours

  • Digital files saved for one week


  • ~24 MP TIFF digital file delivery

  • Digital ICE applied by default unless B&W

  • Return shipping included for negatives

  • Color- and contrast-corrected files

  • Priority Scanning

  • Download link live for one week

  • Digital files saved for one month


We offer two types of scans: Standard and Pro. Standard scans are unadjusted. We will deliver the file directly as it comes out of the scanner. Pro scans are adjusted for color and contrast. These corrections are done at the discretion of our lab tech who prepares files so they're ready to post wherever you like when you receive them. Pro scans do not include spot corrections, but both Standard and Pro scans include Digital ICE automatic spot removal for C-41 or E-6 films unless otherwise stated on the order form. Priority scanning for Pro scans guarantees we start within 48 hours of receiving your shipment. Standard scans are prioritized later, but will start no later than 96 hours after receipt depending on the season/schedule.

For an even better value, we offer a variety of bulk scan options with improved pricing as order quantity increases.


Rush Orders

Rush scans are available at an additional charge of $4 per roll for 48-hour guaranteed digital file delivery or $7 per roll for 24-hour guaranteed digital file delivery and can be added to your cart separately. All rolls in an order must be rushed or not rushed together. Rush orders also cannot always be accommodated. Please feel free to send us a note if you require immediate service.

Order Form

For ordering, please submit an order form with your shipment. You may combine order forms for multiple orders within one shipment if necessary. You must check out with a scan package option or include your payment information on the form by the time we receive your shipment to avoid delays. Any orders made with the form only and not online will be automatically charged according to the most recent pricing on the website at the time we receive the shipment.