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  • Rush order with file delivery options for 24 or 48 hours
  • Download images via online link
  • Return shipping included in U.S.

Rush orders are priced per roll. From the cart before checkout, please change the quantity of rush orders to the number of total rolls in your order. Rushed and non-rushed rolls must be packaged and charged as two separate orders.

Not all rush orders can always be fulfilled. Please contact us in advance to ensure we have room in the schedule for your rush order if it is of importance to you. Quoted return times are from the time of receipt of shipment of your negatives.

Add To Cart

Rush scans are available at an additional charge of $4 per roll for 48-hour guaranteed digital file delivery or $7 per roll for 24-hour guaranteed digital file delivery and can be added to your cart separately. All rolls in an order must be rushed or not rushed together. Please create two separate orders for separate rolls you would like rushed and rolls you would like processed at standard speed.

Order Form

For ordering, please submit an order form with your shipment. You may combine order forms for multiple orders within one shipment if necessary. You must check out with a scan package option or include your payment information on the form by the time we receive your shipment to avoid delays. Any orders made with the form only and not online will be automatically charged according to the most recent pricing on the website at the time we receive the shipment.


Rush processing may not be possible during busy seasons or at certain times of the year. If rush processing is of paramount importance, please contact us to ensure we can fulfill your needs at that time. If you have more than 20 rolls to be rushed, also, please contact us first to see if we can accommodate your rush order. All orders, including rush orders and fees, are non-refundable. However, if you specify a rush order and paid for a rush order, and if we are the ones that cannot fulfill the order on a rush timeline, we will refund the rush fees, but cannot refund the scanning fees.