Mamiya 7 II Kit

Mamiya 7 II Kit

Included in this kit:
  • Mamiya 7 II Body (Black)
  • Mamiya 7 65mm f/4 Lens
  • Camera Manual Online
  • Pelican Storm Case

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This kit comes ready to shoot with a 65mm f/4 lens. Just add film!

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The Mamiya 7 II is the most advanced of its series, providing great features in a package that makes 6x7 shooting a lightweight, portable ordeal. It owes its portability to the rangefinder style, which allows its lenses to stay incredibly compact for the medium. The 7 II also features a multi-exposure mode engaged with the flip of a switch. Manually controlled exposure is just as easily switched into an aperture-priority mode with the right shutter speed dial setting.