Nikon F4S

Nikon F4S


Included in this rental:

  • Nikon F4S Body

  • Nikon Camera Strap

  • Extra AA Batteries (Rechargeable)

  • Camera Manual Online

  • Pelican Storm Case


This is a body-only kit with a strap and extra batteries.

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The Nikon F4S builds upon the company’s first professional, autofocus 35mm SLR and offered an incredibly modern range of auto-exposure and metering capabilities at the time. While the S model of the F4 includes a motor for faster film advancing and better vertical ergonomics, its overall design marks the beginning of the direction Nikon would take for the inevitable future, as this design lives on in even the most recent Nikon DSLRs and represents a massive leap over the technology available in the F3 it replaced.