Nishika N9000 35mm 3D

Nishika N9000 35mm 3D


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  • Nishika N9000

  • Camera Manual Online

  • Pelican Storm Case

This kit comes ready-to-shoot. Just add film!

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The Nishika N9000 is an incredible, yet simple, 3D 35mm film camera. With four precision-matched lenses, the N9000 produces 3D prints of higher quality than other three-lens systems. The N9000 was designed to make lenticular images, which change depending on the angle of view. All four 30mm lenses spaced across the front have shutters that fire at the same time for each exposure. Thanks to the spacing of the outer two lenses at about the same distance as human eyes, this camera gives a near-perfect stereoscopic view for every image taken with it. While a standard optical illusion with proper placement on a print and a correct viewing distance can product a 3D effect without specialized equipment, you can also use the images to create an animated GIF image for easier sharing online.