Rollei 35 SE

Rollei 35 SE

Included in this rental:
  • Rollei 35 SE w/ Built-in 40mm f/2.8 Sonnar Lens
  • Extra Batteries*
  • Camera Manual Online
  • Pelican Case


This comes with a built-in light meter and a built-in 40mm f/2.8 Sonnar lens.

This particular model is in mint condition and comes from the original owner (since it was purchased in 1982!), making Film Objektiv the second owner of this camera.

*PLEASE NOTE that the batteries necessary for this camera are very particular. Because the original batteries intended for this camera are no longer made (they were mercury batteries), an adapter has been installed to allow for the use of silver oxide 386-type batteries with NO further modification necessary in order to ensure accurate light metering. Film Objektiv always includes fresh batteries in the set for its rentals for your convenience. Please be sure to use ONLY these batteries from this kit as shipped to avoid damage to the camera, the batteries, or yourself. If you must get additional batteries, please only purchase the proper 386 battery type and -- whatever you do -- do not mix battery types (alkaline, silver oxide, lithium, zinc-air, etc.).

Note also that the batteries for the Rollei 35 SE are only necessary for the proper function of the electronic light meter. Using incorrect batteries may damage the camera or may simply cause incorrect exposures, ruining your roll. Meanwhile, the camera will continue to function with accurate shutter speeds and aperture values without a battery. You can therefore always use a separate light meter you trust and make your settings accordingly. For this reason, we highly recommend that, when in doubt, go without (batteries, that is).

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The Rollei 35 SE is the latest iteration of the Rollei 35 cameras, which were the quintessential low-profile/street photography/spy camera since their release due to their small size. These cameras shoot a full 35mm frame, but are hardly larger than the size it takes to hold two rolls of 35mm film together with just enough space between them to shoot the frame.

The 35 SE features a Sonnar lens and includes the convenience of built-in electronic light metering.