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We need your help! (Takes two seconds!)

We value your time. So if you just want to quickly help, PLEASE vote for us for the FedEx Small Business Grant. You can vote once EVERY 24 HOURS! Please help us and tell your friends — get your family to vote, put it on your calendar, all that stuff. You can vote in the click of a button! And we could win a business development grant worth more than $50,000 to help provide better services to all of you and to #helpfilmlive!


The FedEx Small Business Grant is a big deal and really will help us a lot. Of course, shipping is our biggest expense. But this is more than just help with some shipping. Through this grant program, FedEx could help us with a combination of cold hard cash, various business services, and more so that we can get more film products to you with better reliability and at better pricing than ever before by maximizing on every efficiency we can.


This is the strange part: you can vote ONCE EVERY SINGLE 24-HOUR PERIOD until April 1. That means from today through the entire month of March, you can help us with over 30 votes just from yourself. And every person you enlist can help us stand out that much more as well.

Want help? We know we’re asking a lot, and we’ve got you. If you really love us, take advantage of this handy iCal Event. We took care of it all to make it easy — so right on your lunch break, you can take care of it and help us out. Feel free to share it, too! Want to do it every morning when you get to work? Here you go! Or help us out every night when you get home from work so you can check out those dreamy cameras one more time. Of course, customizing the time is super easy, too, so you can fit it completely to your schedule.

Did We Say Thank You!?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We know we’re asking a LOT. And we really appreciate it. We cannot, would not, and will not give any monetary or other reward of any kind in exchange for votes. That would be unfair anyway, but it’s also against the rules. And while we might responsibly climb a fence with permission in a safe area and with spotters on both sides to get up for a great shot, we would never break any real rules or ruin the integrity of a friendly grant competition. Yes, the prizes are real. But it’s not worth sacrificing our integrity for it.

What we can offer you, however, is our undying gratitude and continued (and increased) support of all things film. This grant would help us in countless ways. Whether or not you vote for us, we will always be forever grateful for your support in every way.

Thank you for VOTING!!!