Worth Goddard with the Mamiya C330

At the end of June, my wife and I were to make a road trip from our current home state of Wisconsin out to Wyoming, visiting Badlands National Park on the way. Our ultimate destination was Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks, where we spent the weekend camping.


As it was a special trip, we wanted to use a special camera to capture some memories, and we had both been wanting to use a twin lens camera for awhile now. So, off we went with the Mamiya C330 that we had rented (along with a few other film cameras that I happen to own). 


It's a beautifully sturdy camera with simple manual controls. Using a phone app, we calculated the exposure and were able to get some very nice photos, and we're now more convinced than ever that our next camera purchase will likely be that or a similar camera.


Few things can beat the joy of receiving a developed film order in the mail; especially with the medium format slide film that we used, it's a gorgeously satisfying thing to see.  We for sure will continue to do our part to keep film alive!

Adam Ottke