Scan Samples

Perfect Color

Our Noritsu scanner is capable of reading and interpreting the original colors of your images and the way your film captures them with extreme consistency. Even the files from our Standard scans without additional adjustments exhibit excellent tonality and highlight/shadow transitions. With the Pro scan, enjoy slight contrast and color consistency corrections for a ready-to-share file with minimal effort required.

Plenty of Latitude

Standard scans are scanned in slightly on the flat side. They may need a slight contrast boost, but this enables you to make all the decisions with regard to your highlight/shadow treatment by retaining all the dynamic range captured in the negative. When we add contrast for Pro scans, we only add it where we can and we do so sparingly, without clipping, file permitting — just enough to make it easy to share wherever you want, instantly.


Full-Resolution TIFF Files and Panoramic Scanning

Unless otherwise requested, we only offer and output the highest-resolution TIFF file we can produce. This means you get a file that you can really work with, even if we've already taken care of some of the basic adjustments for you with our Pro scans. Love shooting panoramic? Our scans aren't limited to 6,000 pixels long. At 4,000 pixels high, panoramic images from a camera such as the Hasselblad XPAN scan in at a whopping 11,000 x 4,000 pixels, which makes them truly worthy of a medium format title.

Slightly Overscanned

A standard 35mm frame scans at roughly 6,000 x 4,000 pixels for 24-megapixel files that some might argue are a slight overscan to what the 35mm frame can offer. However, we find it produces better results to overscan slightly and downsize later, so that's what we do to give you maximum flexibility. The important part is that we scan enough to see that gorgeous grain.


Automatic Dust and Scratch Removal

With Digital ICE applied by default, most dust spots and scratches are removed automatically. In rare instances, however, ICE can leave slight artifacts or may miss a few spots. If you prefer a scan without ICE, simply check the "No ICE" box on the order form. Digital ICE is does not work and is disabled for black-and-white negatives.

Digital ICE correction applied to top image. Click for larger view.