Who We Are

Adam Ottke

Currently, "we" is actually just me, Adam Ottke. I'm a photographer, I write for Fstoppers.com, I photograph works for Los Angeles artist Lia Halloran, and I am even building an app with a great team called, "EROTICONZ" (random, I know, but awesome and loads of fun!).

I started Film Objektiv because I love film and wanted to give back in some way. Despite the changing landscape of the business of film photography, I'm not at all a pessimist about it. Sure, some of my favorite film stocks have disappeared, causing a decent shock to the gut. But there's still plenty of interest out there not just in the photographic world, but also in professional cinema. I'm excited for the future and continuation of film shooting, but it could use a little more spreading. And that's where Film Objektiv comes in.

With a few extra cameras lying around, I came to the realization that, while I could sell them, I could instead start a "loaner" program for film cameras to get more people shooting more film around the world. By charging just a little bit to help offset costs, Film Objektiv gets to continually grow a little, which will over time help it spread from its humble beginnings to something that can help more and more people realize the beauty of analog photography.

Film Objektiv is committed to the sharing of the analog photographic experience and to education surrounding all facets of film photography. In time, further resources on this website will help guide people to educational sites, processing labs, best practices, making the right film choices, and other types of useful tips related to all things film.

I am looking to expand the team for those who are interested. If you are, get in touch after checking out our Work for Us page.


Phillip Tang

Phillip recently joined the team as Film Objektiv's first volunteer. He has helped with the rollout of the program, took part in early tests, and will continue to help in operations, shipping, and more. A devout film shooter himself, it's a relief and huge help to have Phillip on board.


I'm Phillip Tang and I'm a film photographer based in Sacramento. I started out shooting digital photography, but just recently made the switch to analog about a year ago. The most significant change that happened to me after switching to film is that I care less about photography, but enjoy it so much more. When I'm shooting with film, I'm more selective and take more time before pressing the shutter, but after that's over, I forget about it and move on to the next shot or to the next moment. Film lets me enjoy my life more without worrying about whether or not I got the perfect shot, but even if I mess up an entire roll, I can learn from my mistakes and try again.