Late Shipments

If We Ship Late to You:

There will be times where the person before you returned the camera late or where we are delayed on our end for a variety of reasons. We allow ourselves a one-day grace period from the shipment date (the first of the month), but if we ship much past that date, we will prorate the time lost at the beginning of the rental. Alternatively, you have the option to cancel your rental altogether if the shipment will arrive later than the 6th of the month.

Keep in mind that people in California can expect one- or two-day shipping with ground default shipping options while those on the East Coast, in Alaska, or in Hawaii can expect three- to five-day shipping times.


Due to the fact that people may have reserved the camera for the month directly following the end of your rental period, we may not always be able to extend rentals beyond your original rental period. But we will do so upon request when and where possible if you received your camera late.

If your extension request is not based on a mistake we made, we will accommodate any request made at least six days before your rental return date if the schedule allows for it. In rare instances, we may approve an extension request on a two-month rental. This scenario is currently the only way to rent a camera for more than two consecutive months.

If You Ship Late to Us:

We need to keep the machine moving, so getting your gear back to us on time (by the last day of the month) is critical. Should you fail to do so, a daily fee of $15 or eight percent of the monthly rental cost (whichever is greater) will be added to the rental and deducted from the refund of your deposit.

If your shipment is late to us due to a mistake on your shipping company's end, provide proof to us and we'll work with you on the late fees. Again, we don't want to stiff you, and we won't. But we need some ways to apply pressure for everyone equally. This late fee applies directly to fast-tracking shipping to the next renter so they don't have to receive their gear late, either. If the camera is so late that it cuts into the next renter's time, the fees also apply to any fees we prorate for that renter's lost time.