Shipping + Handling



How Items Are Shipped

All shipping is done via UPS or FedEx Ground from California. In some cases, we may use FedEx's One Rate shipping option. But items mostly ship via standard, ground shipping. All outgoing shipping is now included in each rental. In some cases (i.e. for smaller items), we may find ways to ship an item for less than the expected cost or at a faster speed for the same cost. In these cases, you may find a refund for the difference in cost added to your deposit refund or your camera may arrive earlier than expected. We do not, however, guarantee this by any means. But again, we try to help you save as much as we can at every turn.

All items will be tracked and insured. Remember, once you sign for the package, you are signing for the camera's condition as it arrives to you. Once signed, you affirm that it is in good working order (we check all of our cameras before they're shipped out). If the box looks unfairly treated, contact the shipping company and/or Film Objektiv and help us file a complaint if there is damage to the camera.

When Items Are Shipped

Items ship on the first rental day and are expected to be returned on the last. This is currently the only way we can do it for our system (it's just me receiving and shipping out this gear for now). When and where possible, your item might arrive earlier than expected, too.

Return Shipping

Return shipping is the renter's responsibility. Whether or not you insure or provide tracking for your shipment is up to you. But it's your deposit that's at risk. You may also ship the item back to us at any time and take advantage of possible cheaper shipping options in your area, or overnight it for a last-minute return. On our list of priorities is a way to include return shipping labels with every package. While we're not quite at the volume necessary to be able to do this, in time, we think it's certainly feasible and look forward to getting this feature implemented as soon as possible.

In terms of shipping times cutting into your rental:

Prices have already factored in the fact that your rental time is cut in part due to shipping to you as well as back to us at the end of your rental. In the unfortunate case in which you have ordered for a particular month, but we receive the camera from a previous renter late, we will give you the option to cancel the order or to wait and have the extra time missing prorated and refunded to you.  We cannot promise the extension of rental terms due to late arrivals to you because someone else might have a reservation after you, and that would cause a terrible domino effect (ever seen what happens when one plane is late?). But in many cases, we will use the late fees from the previous rental to expedite shipping to you for your rental, which might mitigate or eliminate any otherwise expected delays. This process will improve as we gain more inventory in the future.



Unfortunately, Film Objektiv cannot ship internationally at this time. If we get more help, interest, and gear, we will of course open the program to international applicants. It is our hope to eliminate all barriers of entry to shooting film (geography often being one of the greatest), and the possibility of inclusion of the international community will be an ongoing consideration.