While we will use our small pot of community funds to purchase new gear, we could always use more cameras. After all, more cameras mean more shooters.

We offer rental, print, or scan credit in exchange for film gear that we are looking for. This could include bodies, body-and-lens kits, or even lenses that fit body-only kits we currently offer. Trade-in credit can be used for up to 30% off any order, but across multiple orders until it is exhausted.

We're currently looking for the following types of gear:

  • Medium- to high-end 35mm cameras
  • Any medium- or large-format gear
  • Standard, slight wide-angle, or slight telephoto same-brand lenses for current body-only kits

If you would like to help with your time or services, please check out our Work for Us page to see what we're currently looking for or feel free to send an email with your suggestions of how you could help to