Holiday shipping notice


Thank you for considering renting (or purchasing a product) from us! In recognition of shipping volume during the holidays, we have a few suggestions and new policies we would like you to keep in mind.

For rentals, the middle of the month is the last available time to order, since that’s when 2nd Half of December shipments are sent out. As shipping depots will be very busy this season, we highly recommend expedited shipping to ensure you will get your package on time. While our shipping deadlines are accurate, they are not guaranteed, as there may be fluctuations and/or various issues with shipping services at any time. The only shipping service options that do have guaranteed dates are those that are expedited.

For a limited time, we will be offering expedited shipping at direct cost to our customers for any item so you can be sure you will have the best price possible. To do this, we will manually refund the difference between what you pay for shipping and the actual shipping charges to your card once we receive the rental back at the end of your rental period. In some cases, shipping charges on our end may exceed what you will pay for them, and you will then not be refunded any shipping charges. However, in many cases we can find efficiencies to get you a reasonable refund for such savings.

Additionally, we are now able to offer a more affordable three-day shipping option as well. This is guaranteed and will ensure orders arrive no less than three days from the date of shipment. Please be sure to select the appropriate product or rental shipment options depending on whether or not you are ordering a product from our shop or a camera rental.

Finally, for rentals, please keep in mind that we do charge late fees for returns past the last day of your rental. For holiday orders that do not include periods in January, Dec. 31 is the day we need gear back in our hands. Most renters will likely need to slightly expedite shipments to get them back to us on time, considering the fact that post offices will be closed on Christmas, there are only four shipping days between and including Dec. 26th and Dec. 31st. Please plan accordingly.

Shipments going out for 1st Half of January orders will still ship within our guidelines on January 2nd.

Thank you for shooting film! Happy Holidays!