Information and Security

As always, in plain English.

We don't collect your information for any external marketing or advertising purposes whatsoever.

If you sign up for our email list, you'll only get emails from us on new gear available to rent as added as well as on other occasional updates.

If you check out through our order page, external and extremely trusted parties such as Paypal, Stripe, etc., are in charge of securing your information. We don't see it, save it, or do anything with it apart from where it helps us get your gear to you and to help facilitate accurate charges. These companies are great and the most trusted in the industry for keeping your payment information secure.

Aside from our blog posts on your stories and the occasional Instagram posts, you won't see your images floating around on other projects because of us. Your images and stories remain yours. Of course, others may screenshot your images or steal them in other ways, but you are fully capable of going after that however you see fit. They are always your images.

If Film Objektiv is ever contacted about commercial opportunities for or related to its members based on images we have been supplied by Film Objektiv renters, all contact will be forwarded directly to the original photographer.