Returns + Exchanges



You are welcome to return your rental early at any time. If you choose to do so, we will simply add an additional week from the final received date of the gear (pro-rated against the monthly cost at 1/4 the monthly rental rate). This might save you a bit of cash, but since the single highest cost from a value perspective is that of shipping, we recommend making the most of your rental experience.

If various unforeseen circumstances arise, and you cannot make use of your rental, talk to us as soon as possible to get out of the 100 Words commitment (discussed in The Fine Print). We don't want to stiff you. And we won't. Work with us and we'll do the same. We're like that cool teacher that let you have extensions anytime as long as you asked for it. To be clear, that doesn't apply to rental periods of gear -- just to your 100 Words commitment. But as always, you never know what asking nicely will get you.


Exchanging an item for another camera involves the return of the current camera and a separate rental of a new camera once we receive the one you had out.

If we make a mistake for any reason, we will do our best to correct it as quickly as possible.