Work for Us

This is admittedly a little misleading, as we are currently accepting volunteers that are in the industry and also want to give back. There are, however, some opportunities and certain tasks we're looking to accomplish for which we are willing and able to pay a reasonable fee if you can help us out.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Shipping Managers/Facilitators

Everything is currently received, checked out, and resent by one person: me, Adam. I have my own photography career, write for, am working on an app, and travel quite a bit. This leads to minor delays that we would still like to do without. As we grow and offer more systems for rental, we're going to need help. (Update: Phillip Tang has offered to help us and is officially the first additional volunteer for Film Objektiv!)

It would be extremely helpful to have another person to be able to receive, examine, and reship items to the next renter. Additionally, if we have a network of people across the country, items could be sent more efficiently. For example, when two back-to-back renters are on the East Coast, we could ship to a Shipping Manager in the region rather than shipping via ground all the way to California (where I am) and back. This gives renters more time to shoot since shipping time cuts into the rental period with the current setup (this is also partially because of the limited store settings on my end within the website).

Candidates should be trustworthy, professional, and maintain interest and active roles in the photography community. Please send emails to and be able to provide two references.

Perks include knowing that you're helping spread the medium of film to more users around the country (and hopefully eventually around the world), being able to honestly say you work with/for Film Objektiv, and a spot on our website with a brief bio and explanation of who you are, links to your website, etc.


Current Gigs:

Squarespace Checkout Refining

Under the current system, the deposit for the value of the camera needs to be done separately by adding it to the cart as a separate item when checking out or when a rental period nears its start date. This is confusing to the renter and a burden throughout the process that will only increase as more items are added to the rental catalog.

We're looking for a Squarespace developer that can custom-rig a solution for us. Ideally, we could add an additional charge on a per-item basis during the checkout process that automatically comes up with the right amount for each item. Currently, each rental week for each camera is put in as a variation on the same product, but as a separate product (as far as the system sees it) nonetheless. A feature would have to be in place to make sure multiple deposits won't be required or "asked for" when checking out for more than one month.

We would also like to find a way to place credit card holds (and not necessarily full charges) leading up to the actual rental date alongside ways to automate charging the full deposit amount as that rental date nears. This is because we don't want to hold people's deposits from the day they reserve the camera, but instead from the day we ship the camera). We're open to a reworking of the entire system if it's the best solution possible and/or provides future-proofing for various features and needs we might require down the line.

As always, budgets are tight (we want to fund Film Objektiv projects!). So if you want to donate your time, awesome. But we're willing to pay the right person for his or her time since this is considered a priority for the continued, long-term success and operation of Film Objektiv.

Please send emails to and be able to provide examples of your past work for Squarespace sites.