Isaac Fowler with the Mamiya M645

I jumped into film photography a little over a year ago when I asked for a film camera for my birthday. My mom mentioned that she had a camera she was gifted for her high school graduation in 1979, an Olympus OM-10. Since then, I’ve spent time with that camera learning to appreciate how it was done for decades. While I am a video and broadcast professional, film has allowed me a place to step back and enjoy the process of composing an image.

Earlier this year I became increasingly interested in medium format, and someone in the /r/analog Reddit community recommended Film Objektiv to me. I placed my order, and the rest is history.

Photos of people are my favorite, so I took a test photo of a big oak, and gathered up some of my friends and coworkers and took their photo. These were shot on the Mamiya M645 kit around the campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Adam Ottke