Azha Ayanna with the Mamiya 645 Pro


Hey, ya’ll! I’m Azha Ayanna, a freelance photographer working with limited resources. I was extremely happy when Film Objektiv reached out to me about using their Mamiya 645 Pro.


It was my first time using a Medium format camera, and now I don’t want to go back to shooting 35mm.


After my experience with this camera I am ready to get my own medium format camera. Looking at things I usually shoot through the viewfinder of this Mamiya 645 Pro feels very cinematic, but, most importantly, like a level up from what I am used to.


I noticed that although some of the things I shot were candid, I still spent a lot more time setting up my shots than usual. This is because of how much more space you have and how much you can see with this model in comparison to using the Contax G2 or my personal Nikon FA. I look forward to my move from 35 to 120!



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