John Nicholls with the Contax G2

I’ve never thought that there was a middle ground between digital and analog photography; but my time with the Contax G2 proved that there is always a first time for everything.


My previous experiences in film have always been to take my time with composition and dialing in focus and aperture/shutter speed, so getting those fast shots when I needed them was tricky in action. The G2 helped me relax a bit with shooting since I was so keen on getting things right early on rather than just photographing naturally without stress.


With a wide 28mm lens, it was a perfect camera for street photos and landscapes during my recent trip to Ireland, where I was constantly on the go on the road and on foot. It helped me have fun in my time overseas shooting rather than being so dedicated to precision or style, but at the same time offered plenty of versatility with its single autofocus for those trickier shots.


I would’ve never thought something like this would exist in a tool kit for 35mm photographers, but Film Objektiv gave me something new, reliable, and neat to try.

Adam Ottke