Erik Harty with the
Hasselblad XPAN Kit

With a little attention to cinematic lighting and framing, it’s possible to create images with the XPAN that look like movie stills. It was challenging working with such a wide frame, but it was an interesting experience having to plan each shot out more than I normally would. I even shot with a few motion picture film stocks to complete the look.


The biggest barrier to getting my hands on an XPan was the high price, so it was great to try it out through Film Objektiv without having to commit to buying the camera. It’s a cool way to try out cameras that are otherwise difficult to get a hold of, and I’m really excited to look into working with some of their other cameras.


Along with Alex Gilbert and John Hwang, Erik Harty is part of the collective, Nomad Film Co., that helped make our awesome promotional video that can be seen on our home page.