John Fabrizio with the
Contax G2


Believe it or not, the Contax G2 is the first film camera I’ve used with autofocus. Everything else in my camera bag is manual focus. My trusty Nikon F3, my Pentax 6x7… everything. In fact, until my time recently spent with the Contax G2, I had never used a camera with any automation past aperture priority. Chalk it up to stubbornness? A fear of automation? I’m not sure. All I’m sure of now is that I am in love with the G2.


"The G2 is snappy.

Like, real snappy."

The G2 is snappy. Like, real snappy. I put it up to my face and within a split second, I’ve taken a photo. Fast-forward fifteen minutes and I’ve chewed through half a roll of Portra 400. This thing just eats film. And I love that. The struggles I’ve had trying to capture candidness with other cameras melts away with the G2.


I’ve always been curious about the Contax G2. Before very recently, an autofocus rangefinder was a completely foreign concept to me. And given the fact that G2’s aren’t exactly cheap, I was hesitant to purchase one. Film Objektiv afforded me the opportunity of trying one out for a couple weeks and because of that, I’ve decided that I want to pick one up for myself.