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John Fabrizio with the
Contax G2

Believe it or not, the Contax G2 is the first film camera I’ve used with autofocus. Everything else in my camera bag is manual focus. My trusty Nikon F3, my Pentax 6x7… everything. In fact, until my time recently spent with the Contax G2, I had never used a camera with any automation past aperture priority. Chalk it up to stubbornness? A fear of automation? I’m not sure. All I’m sure of now is that I am in love with the G2.

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Lance Nicoll with the
Mamiya RZ67

Film Objektiv helped me return to the place where it all started for me with photography: film. As a destination wedding photographer for the past five years, I have been a big proponent of precision and have been dedicated to digital photography. The beauty and the experience of film photography was something that I missed, but the hurdle of the investment of getting into medium format film kept me away from the medium. Renting from Film Objektiv removed that hurdle by allowing me to rent. Moreover, the owner, Adam, was very patient and helpful in answering my questions leading into my first rental.

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Phillip Tang with the
Pentax 67 Kit

The biggest thing that turned me off to medium format was being limited to ten frames. I had thought that ten frames was almost nothing. I could go through ten frames in less than five minutes if I wanted to. Although transitioning to film had already taught me to be more selective when shooting, I didn't want to be limited to that extent when shooting. So I was shocked when I started using the Pentax 67 and I was actually struggling to finish a roll.

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