Hasselblad 500CM Kit

Hasselblad 500CM Kit


Included in this rental:

  • Hasselblad 500CM Body

  • Hasselblad A12 120 Film Back

  • Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8 C Lens

  • Waist-level Viewfinder

  • Rapid-Wind Crank

  • Camera Manual Online

  • Pelican Storm Case

*Note: A deposit is required with this camera. Please read about deposits in The Fine Print section at the bottom of the home page before checking out.

This kit includes the 80mm f/2.8 C lens and comes ready to shoot. Just add film!

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The Hasselblad 500CM is the ultimate starting point for square, medium-format, 6x6 shooters. One step above the original 500C, the 500CM is a bit newer. This is a no-frills mechanical medium-format experience with just enough bells and whistles to make shooting just a bit more pleasant, but without taking the magic out of the true analog experience.

While the 6x6 and 35mm formats feature different height to width ratios, a commonly accepted crop factor from 6x6 to "35mm equivalent" is the reverse crop factor of 1.6. Therefore, the 80mm lens gives an angle of view similar to 50mm lenses for 35mm film. Keep in mind that depth of field becomes more shallow when shooting at the same aperture, but with a larger format film.

This system includes a back that requires 120 film.

Part of the beauty of the Hasselblad system is that you almost can't mess it up unless you do something really silly. Essentially, if it does not want to do something, do NOT force it to. It is designed with self-preservation in mind (if it doesn't want to go, there's a reason: some setting isn't right). This is a very simple and easy-to-use system, but reading the manual and knowing how to mount/unmount the lens (if you're going to use multiple lenses that you own) is required. By renting and using this kit, you are agreeing and taking responsibility for its well-being.