Pentax 67 Kit No. 2

Pentax 67 Kit No. 2



Included in this rental:

  • Pentax 67 Body

  • Pentax 55mm f/4 Lens

  • Pentax 105mm f/2.4 Lens

  • Pentax 165mm f/2.8 Lens

  • Pentax 200mm f/4 Lens

  • Metered 90º Prism Viewfinder

  • Camera Manual Online

  • Pelican Air Case

*Note: A deposit is required with this camera. Please read about deposits in The Fine Print section at the bottom of the home page before checking out.

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The Pentax 67 is the mother of all film SLRs. Shooting a massive 6x7 frame on medium format film, the Pentax 67 shoots the largest frame of any SLR out there. And when you start the chain reaction that sets off that giant mirror and shutter by pressing the release, you feel it.

There's a Pentax 67II with a few extra features, but this is the original 67. It does have a metered prism finder (featuring the good 'ol needle type meter) to aid in proper exposure. But overall, it's a simple, all-manual camera that lets you shoot gorgeous, large frames in a relatively compact body.

While the body itself is metal, the large medium format lenses benefit from extensive use of plastic to help keep weight down. But don't be fooled. These are sharp, excellent lenses renowned for their quality.