Mamiya RB67 Pro Kit No. 2

Mamiya RB67 Pro Kit No. 2


Included in this rental:

  • Mamiya RB67 Body

  • 180mm f/4.5 Lens

  • 90mm f/3.8 Lens

  • Waist-Level Viewfinder

  • Mamiya RB67 120 Film Back (x1)

  • Camera Manual Online

  • Pelican Storm Case

This comes ready to shoot with the 180mm f/4.5 lens, the 90mm f/3.8 lens, a 120 film back, and a waist-level viewfinder.

*Although over $55, this kit does not require a deposit to rent.

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This camera does not include a light meter, so metering must be done off-camera.