Polaroid 110B to 4x5 Conversion

Polaroid 110B to 4x5 Conversion

Included in this rental:
  • Polaroid 110B Camera Modified for 4x5 Film Holders
  • Built-in Rodenstock 127mm f/4.7 Lens
  • Grafmatic 5-Sheet Film Holder
  • Ground glass back
  • Camera Manual (Multiple Files w/ Reference Images)
  • Pelican Storm Case


*Note: A deposit is required with this camera. Please read about deposits before checking out.

This kit comes in a unified body with a permanently attached Rodenstock 127mm f/4.7 lens (roughly equivalent to 38mm on 35mm format). In addition to the ground glass piece that is included for this particular kit, this rental also comes with a Grafmatic 5-sheet film holder. Add five additional standard double-film holders by selecting the option from the "Dates" drop-down menu and adding that to your cart.

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This is a particularly unique camera, as it was modified to accept and shoot 4x5 film with your own 4x5 film holders. As an all-in-one rangefinder camera, this is a seriously surprisingly portable way to shoot 4x5 film. This is the point-and-shoot of 4x5 cameras.

Interestingly, this modification is especially unique since the ground glass back does not need to be removed in order to slide in the film holder. Instead, simply lift the ground glass piece (mounted on springs) and slide any 4x5 film back (standard double holders, Grafmatics, etc.) under the spring-supported ground glass. This system takes an extra second or two in order to place the film back compared to other models that don't feature this ground glass feature, but the benefits of having this for critical focus and composition far outweighs the extra second or two you'll spend sliding the holder into the camera.

It is highly recommended that you have experience loading 4x5 film before the rental of this system. This must be done in the dark with each film holder (note: not directly with the camera) to prep the holders for use.